Bosleygivesback needs your help! Are you interested in donating gently used or new clothing to help support Afghan refugees, other newcomers, and our clients?

Here’s what we need right now:

➡️ Very good quality gently used clothing currently in style
➡️ Clothing for the whole family including shoes, belts, bags
➡️ Casual type clothing is in greater demand (yoga/sport pants, hoodies, running shoes)
➡️ Casual clothing for men and boys
➡️ Clothing that is appropriate for fall and winter. T-shirts are used year-round.
➡️ Winter coats, snowsuits, boots, and accessories (hats, mitts, etc). Soft, warm, puffy/ski-type coats are preferred

Note: please do not donate summer clothing at this time

Here’s how you can donate:

➡️ Package like items in clear plastic bags
➡️ Clearly label the bags using a sheet of paper inside. (For example: Girls size 6-8 winter clothing, Men’s winter clothing, winter coats & snow pants)
➡️ Please package footwear and outerwear in separate bags from general clothing

We ask that you deliver your donations to your local Bosley Real Estate office.

We truly appreciate and thank you for your generosity! ❤️

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